Sammy Watkins Scores Selfie With Roger Goodell After Being Selected by the Bills (Photo)

Sammy Watkins Roger Goodell selfie

Ah, the elusive Roger Goodell selfie. Many have attempted it, but few have achieved it.

Sammy Watkins is now one of those few after he managed to snap a selfie with the NFL Commissioner when he was selected by the Buffalo Bills with the fourth overall pick at Thursday’s NFL Draft.

The photo somehow ended up on the official NFL Instagram account, even though it was Watkins who took it. But in the world of sports selfies, I guess it doesn’t matter where the photos end up, as long as the public has a chance to enjoy them.

And now you can do just that by taking a look at the Instagram post here:

Whatever awkwardness might be present in Sammy Watkins’ selfie with Roger Goodell is mitigated by the palpable excitement on the part of the former wide receiver from Clemson.

Congrats, Sammy.  I’m giving you the award for best draft day selfie.




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