Visa “NFL Draft Stories” Commercial Stars Michael Sam (Video)

Michael Sam Visa Ad

As I write this, Michael Sam is waiting in the wings of the 2014 NFL Draft to see, along with the rest of the world, who the first NFL team to sign an openly gay player will be. But he’s already signed with another entity—Visa, who recently unveiled a powerful new commercial starring Sam.

The ad is called “NFL Draft Stories,” and it’s all about Michael Sam’s desire to be judged by fans according to his performance on the field, rather than his personal life—which hopefully won’t be an issue for very long. That subject matter alone makes this a lot more real than your average credit card commercial, and Sam does a great job with the pointed voice-over narration.

You can watch Michael Sam’s Visa “NFL Draft Stories” commercial below. And keep your eyes on the 2014 NFL Draft to see where Michael Sam ends up.

Here’s the commercial:



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