Watch Michael Sam’s Emotional Moment After Being Drafted by the St. Louis Rams (Video)

Michael Sam Drafted by Rams

On Saturday, Michael Sam and the St. Louis Rams came together to make the 2014 NFL Draft the most historical one in recent memory. This year’s NFL Draft will be remembered as the first one with an openly gay player being selected by a professional team—at least until some point in the future when that’s not even considered a big deal.

It happened in the draft’s final round, with some analysts and spectators worrying that Sam, despite his sterling college career, wouldn’t be picked at all because of his sexual preferences. Thankfully, that didn’t happen, and the signing by the Rams interestingly adds another milestone to the team’s legacy—back in 1946, the first modern black professional football player was signed by the organization as well.

Sam got the news via phone call, and luckily for us, the entire moment was broadcast on ESPN.

During the call, Sam became overwhelmed with emotion, but afterward he managed to pull himself together and post a few words on Twitter:

And you can see a short clip of the phone call from ESPN here:




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