21 Greatest Flashers in Sports History

Greatest Flashers Sports History (Sports Flashing)

I don’t know for sure what makes women (and occasionally men) expose their private parts at professional sporting events. I mean, I guess it’s got to be some combination of desire for attention and alcohol, but even still, there are less-humiliating ways to get 15 minutes of fame. You could run out onto the field, for example. Your mom and dad would probably still be pretty disappointed, and you certainly would have some legal issues as a result. But at least the whole internet wouldn’t be ogling you, and that seems like a pretty big plus.

That being said, it’s not my job to figure out why people do things. It’s my job to give them the 15 minutes of fame they so drunkenly seek. So on that note, please, take a look at this list of the greatest flashers in sports history. It’s hardly exhaustive, and to be completely honest, I definitely test of limits of the word “greatest.” (“Amusing” or “notable” would probably have been more apt.) But still, it’s a pretty fun list. You will like it.

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