Charles Barkley Refuses to Apologize to the Women of San Antonio (Video)

Charles Barkley San Antonio women

One of the strangest pieces of the Charles Barkley mythology is his relationship with the city of San Antonio, Texas.

He repeatedly makes the claim that the city is full of “big old women.” This has been going on for years, but we live in very sensitive times nowadays, and some people are starting to get annoyed with Barkley’s sense of humor.

The controversy came to a head on a recent Inside the NBA segment. Where most people in Barkley’s position would have probably offered a halfhearted apology, Charles Barkley is not most people. He remained defiant, saying it was all in good fun and that “hell’s gonna freeze over” before he apologizes for the gag.

You can see Charles Barkley refusing to apologize to the city of San Antonio in the video below:

But before you feel too bad for the women of San Antonio, you should also watch this hilarious Inside the NBA piece that gave a few of them the chance to strike back at Sir Charles:




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