Soccer Game Abandoned After Dinamo Moscow’s Vladimir Granat Gets Punched by Zenit Fan (Video)

Fan Punched Vladimir Granat

Here’s another sad story from the world of soccer.

This one is about a pitch invasion during the Russian Premier League match between Dinamo Moscow and Zenit St Petersburg at the home of the latter, causing the game to be abandoned before its conclusion. During the tussle, one visiting player, Vladimir Granat, was punched in the face by a rowdy Zenit St Petersburg fan.

At the time of the fan invasion, Zenit St Petersburg was losing the match and the team’s title hopes were pretty much at an end. The team’s fans took action by storming the field and ultimately preventing the game from being finished.

In the aftermath of the incident, Zenit St Petersburg released a statement that condemns behavior like that displayed by the team’s fans on Sunday, calling it “hooliganism” and specifically singling out the shirtless man who attacked Granat:

“Besides the match itself being stopped due to fan aggression, the most shameful episode came from aggressive fan behaviour towards the players of the opposing team. We understand that the fans had the right to be disappointed and discouraged by the team’s play in such an important match, but hooliganism and riots are never allowed no matter what the case.  Such fan behavior has an enormous negative influence on the reputation of the club, its players, and all of the many millions of Zenit fans.  

“Unfortunately, this is not the first time that fan groups have caused damage to Zenit’s reputation. This forces the club to change its approach to further interaction with such fan groups.

“We are also extremely concerned about the health of Dinamo Moscow player Vladimir Granat, and wish him a quick recovery. Presently, the police and the club are working to establish the identity of the assailant. Materials have already been prepared for a criminal investigation. We apologise to all of the players and fans.”

Aiding in the effort to find the man who punched Vladimir Granat is the fact that he did so in full view of TV cameras.  You can watch how it went down in the slow motion video below.

Hat Tip – [Daily Mail]



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