Rangers’ Henrik Lundqvist Squirts Sidney Crosby with Water Bottle During Game 6 (GIF)

henrik lunqvist squirts sidney crosby with water

Seriously, what is the deal with NHL players squirting water at each other this postseason? It’s like they’re all a bunch of 12-year-olds who just discovered their water bottles can double as water guns.

First it was Corey Perry squirting water in Jeff Carter’s glove. Then it was Shawn Thornton squirting P.K. Subban from the bench, while the latter was on the ice with the puck. Now it’s Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist dousing Sidney Crosby.

During Game 6 between the Rangers and Penguins yesterday in New York, a skirmish involving Crosby broke out after the second period came to a close. Then, as Lundqvist was skating by on his way off the ice, he slyly squirted the Pittsburgh captain with his water bottle.

Take a look:

lunqvist squirts crosby with water

The really crazy thing is that, earlier that day, the NHL announced it had fined Boston’s Shawn Thornton $2,820.52 for his water bottle shower. So either Lunqvist did not hear the news, or he decided dousing Crosby with water was totally worth it.

Either way, this is getting pretty childish.


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