Man City Soccer Fans Prank Their Grandmother, Feel Her Wrath (Video)

Angry Grandma

Let this be a lesson to all you out there: Never prank your grandmother. Not because she’s old and vulnerable, but because she will tear your head off in a fit of rage if you pretend like her team scored in the first minute of a match.

Let this also be a lesson that you should always hold your phone sideways when taking a video, unless you’re trying to get something REALLY vertical, like a man falling off a building.

Lessons aside, take a look at this hilariously cruel prank these grandkids pulled on their grandma. She leaves the room for one second at the opening of the Man City-West Ham match when all of a sudden, they go berserk, leading her to think she missed a goal. Pretty awesome.

Here’s the video, and the angry geriatric screaming in cockney slang. (We presume it’s cockney slang. The audio sucks, and we’re terrible with accents.)

Also, it would be remiss if we ended this article without discussing whatever the f*ck is going on with that wallpaper.

Soccer fans really are crazy.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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