Some Strippers from Vivid Cabaret in New York Are Going to Game 7 Between the Rangers and Penguins in Pittsburgh (Update!)

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Bad news, Rangers fans. The strippers at Vivid Cabaret in New York are officially on the bandwagon. Supposedly a group of them will be making the trip to Pittsburgh to cheer on the Blueshirts in person when they battle the Penguins tomorrow night in Game 7. So you’re basically screwed.

You see, the girls of Rick’s Cabaret (which owns Vivid Cabaret and has a branding agreement with the porno company of the same name) have never provided much luck for New York Sports teams.  In the past they’ve gone out of their way to show love for Jeremy LinTim TebowMark Sanchez, and even Alex Rodriguez, just to name a few. But as you probably know, none of those guys really wound up doing so well in the Big Apple.

Meanwhile, the girls at Rick’s turned their backs on the New York Giants last year, banning their games at the club. Then the team turned things around and went 7-3 to close out the season.

So I think it’s safe to say that, if you’re a New York sports fan, you don’t want the strippers of Rick’s and/or Vivid getting excited about your team.

But hey, the Rangers have Martin St. Louis. Maybe they’ll elude the curse.


After checking out the article, the people at Rick’s Cabaret and Vivid Cabaret were quick to point out the following:

Disagree with your opinion–but it’s all good–
***The girls feel they motivated the Giants to start winning.
***The Giants love the club. Just last week following the NFL draft a group of Giants were at the club, as they are often.
***Jeremy Lin says he is much happier with his new team.
***The girls always support their local team and players.  And, can you blame them for supporting A-Rod????  He’s a big tipper!!!!  They are just showing their loyalty.

Can’t argue with any of those points, especially the last one.


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