Andrew Luck Walks By Wedding Photo Shoot and Joins The Wedding Party (Pic)

Andrew Luck Wedding

One of these things is not like the other. Can you spot the difference? Squint your eyes. Anything? No? Ok.

See all the people in the tuxedos and dresses? Good. Now see the guy in the t-shirt and beard who looks like he’s on day 11 of an Outward Bound trip?

That’s Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck, who just happened to be walking by when some participants in a wedding photo shoot, (the bride and groom, Madeline and Jason, if the photographer’s tweet is to be believed) roped him in for a couple shots.

He could have at least had the decency to duck into a public restroom with a disposable razor to shave. Oh well.

It’s unclear what Luck was doing, and it’s especially unclear to me what that lanyard is around his neck—he doesn’t need credentials to walk down the street. This isn’t Checkpoint Charlie. Maybe it’s like his QB wristband but for social situations. He refers to the lanyard when he’s unsure which bread plate is his, or if it’s okay to run to the restroom during a toast.

Or maybe it just has his home address on it because he’s a little absent-minded off the field.

In any event, congratulations to Madeline and Jason. May your marriage be as pleasant and successful as the Colts’ rebuilding process.


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