Dan Bilzerian Tells a Story About the Time He Did a Bunch of Blow and Viagra and Had Two Heart Attacks (Video)

dan bilzerian heart attack story

People tend to either love or hate Dan Bilzerian. There’s not much middle ground. And stories like the one he recently told to All In Magazine, which is extreme even for him, are the reasons why.

In 2011, at the age of 30, the hard-living poker star/professional gambler/porn star tosser had his third heart attack, which is normally a sign that your nachos-to-exercise ratio is way off. However, as you may know, Bizerian is actually really ripped and obviously gets plenty of exercise. His problem is just that he ingests way too many narcotics.

But what about the first two heart attacks? Well, they came within 12 hours of each other after a sleepless four day cocaine- and viagra-fueled bender.

Take a look at the video, wherein Bilzerian recounts the story. You may think the guy is a giant douche, but you certainly can’t say he’s boring.

(Warning: NSFW)

Sounds like a total blast, right?


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