Donald Sterling’s Interview with Anderson Cooper Was Utterly Insane (Videos)

donald sterling interview anderson cooper

For 30 long years, the Los Angeles Clippers were one of the worst teams in pro sports, largely because Donald Sterling was too cheap to pay good players good money.

Turns out the man is also too cheap to hire a good legal team or PR consultant.

Last night CNN aired Sterling’s interview with Anderson Cooper, and whereas a normal billionaire would have hired a bunch of professionals to coach him to say all the right things, Donald Sterling decided to fly solo and speak from the (batshit insane) heart. So rather than climb out of the hole, he just kept digging, and digging, and digging. In fact, now he’s in China, insulting everyone there, too.

There was the part where he said Anderson Cooper was more racist than him.

There was the part where he said he was baited into saying the racist things he said.

There was the part where he basically said he was just trying to get in V. Stiviano‘s pants.

Oh, and there was the part where he went off on Magic Johnson, attacking his character, and basically asserting that Jews were better than blacks.

Here are Sterling’s remarks to Cooper:

“When he had those AIDS”? Goodness. It’s funny and sad at the same time.

In any case, here is Cooper doing an interview about the interview (only on CNN!) in which he addresses allegations that Sterling has dementia:

The verdict? He’s insane, but not insane insane.


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