Fan Takes Selfie With Cyclist Who Collapsed, Catches All Sorts Of Hell For It (Pic)

Selfie with Fallen Cyclist

Something’s only terribly offensive when it’s not funny. So when the cycling community got up in arms after David McCarthy, a huge fan, took a selfie with collapsed cyclist (and stage winner) Marcel Kittel, it seemed a little misguided and irrational.

Here’s why…

When a headline reads of a “collapsed cyclist” or “fallen cyclist,” it sounds as though the guy got injured. It doesn’t help that even McCarthy’s Instagram reads “instead of giving him a hand up I took a selfie.” Sounds like kind of a jerk, right?

Well, in reality, the race had ended, Kittel had won, and McCarthy was sort of just celebrating. Sure, it could be a little obnoxious to have a fan shove a camera in your face immediately after a race, but it should be noted that this was a moment of triumph. I’m not saying the guy’s a saint or anything, but he probably didn’t deserve the backlash he got, because this was pretty funny.

And he got this priceless shot:

Selfie Cyclist

Of course, many people didn’t see the humor in it, so McCarthy sent out the following note to Kittel, through Irish cyclist Nicholas Roche’s Twitter account.  Hopefully this will help everyone realize that he’s not a maniacal, selfie-taking monster.

So let’s just congratulate him on a very well-timed shot and cut young Mr. McCarthy some slack.




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