Johnny Manziel Nike Cleats Concept, by Sneaker Designer Quintin Williams (Pics)

Johnny Manziel Shoes

What’s taking Nike so long? It had been over FOUR DAYS since the draft, and late first-round pick Johnny Manziel still doesn’t have his own signature post-draft shoe. Heads are gonna roll for this one.

Thankfully, we can all exhale, as these concept drawings have been circulating today, via sneaker designer Quintin Williams.

While the orange and brown colorway is clearly meant to represent Manziel’s new team, the Cleveland Browns, Texas A&M fans have to feel a small twinge of pain with the colors matching so closely to one of the Aggies’ intrastate rivals. Not here to name names, though.

(It’s the University of Texas, obviously.)

The shoes are largely based on the recent Nike Vapor Hyperagility, but just a little taller. The big move here was the Browns colors (which look pretty damn good on this shoe).


Oh, and if you think that Quintin Williams also didn’t draw up a version in a LeBron James colorway for no particular reason, then you don’t know Quintin Williams.

Lebron football shoe

Hat Tip – [Nice Kicks]




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