11 Most Insane Things Donald Sterling Has Ever Said

craziest insane racist shit donald sterling has ever said

Last night CNN aired Donald Sterling’s interview with Anderson Cooper and, against all odds, he actually came off looking even more crazy and out of touch than he did after the V. Stiviano tape first came out.

It wasn’t just the racism, either, though he certainly uttered a few racist gems. It was the paranoia, and the utter inability not to say things he really should not ever say out loud. 

That being said, nobody who really follows basketball was really that surprised. Sterling has been the worst owner in the NBA for decades, and insiders already knew he was a racist. 

In any case, today, in light of this new treasure trove of Donald Sterling quotes, we’re going to countdown the most insane, mostly racist things Donald Sterling has ever said…that we know of. 

Think nothing could shock you at this point? Well, take a look and find out.

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