Check Out This Time-Lapse Video of Artist MADSTEEZ Painting a Kobe Bryant Mural

mark paul deren madsteez kobe mural time lapse

Mark Paul Deren, aka MADSTEEZ, is what you might call a “corporate artist.”  That’s not an attempt to criticize him by any means. It’s just an apt description. I’m sure he produces work that is very meaningful to him on a personal level, but he also has a ton of major clients, such as Nike, Target, Red Bull, Honda, Volkswagen, Interscope Records, Capita Snowboards, Wallin Surfboards, and Salamon. And I’m sure he makes a pretty good living.

The subject of his latest piece? Kobe Bryant. For some reason I can’t seem to figure out what company or exhibit the piece is for, but it’s a giant mural spray painted on a couple hundred skateboards attached to a wall. And the time-lapse making-of video is pretty awesome.

Take a look:

Back in January, Deren did a portrait of Alexander Ovechkin and got profiled by the Washington Post, wherein he explained that he transforms “blank canvases into an acidic voyage of cosmic explosions.”

I guess that describes this Kobe mural well-enough.

Hat Tip – [Terez Owens]


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