Watch a Guy Dunk a Basketball After Flying Off a Trampoline and Doing a Backflip Off the Backboard…We’re Serious (Video)

amazing trampoline dunk off backflip off backboard

If you’re currently on one of those acrobatic trampoline dunk teams that entertain NBA crowds in between quarters, just stop right now. If you are not going from the trampoline to the rim to the top of the backboard and doing backflips before dunking the ball and landing on your feet, there’s really no point in wasting one more minute of your life doing something that will never be as awesome as what you are about to see in this video.

At a recent NBA 3X streetball event in Bilbao, Spain, Botond Dajka of the Budapest-based Lords of Gravity dunk team performed the most amazing trampoline dunk in the history of trampoline dunks. I mean seriously, just look at that screen cap.

Now look at the video:

Lords of Gravity indeed.

Someone needs to get these guys to America right now, because I’d pay good money to see that.

Hat Tip – [Ball Don’t Lie]


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