13-Year-Old Carries Twin Sister Across Finish Line in 800m Race (Video)

Girl Helps Twin Sister Across Finish Line

Chloe Gruenke was about halfway home in an 800m event at her middle school track meet in Illinois. That’s when she suddenly felt a pain in her leg and collapsed, unable to continue the race.

Most of the time, that would have been all she wrote, but for this particular race, Chloe had her twin sister Claire, who was also participating in the race, to help her out.

In a move that some more cynical individuals might consider a calculated effort to get famous on the internet, Claire decided to sacrifice her position in the race and carry her sister on her back the rest of the way and across the finish line. It was a heartwarming display, although not quite heartwarming enough to stop the other racers, as Claire and Chloe ended up coming in last place. But hey, at least they finished!

You can see a little more about the story of Chloe and Claire Gruenke via the medium that was born to tell these kind of stories—local TV news—in the video clip below.


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