Joe Girardi Argues Balls and Strikes with Home Plate Umpire, Claims He Doesn’t Know Why He Got Ejected (Video)

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The Yankees’ Joe Girardi may be a good manager, but he’s not a very convincing liar.

Last night, with the Yankees trailing the Mets 11-5 in the bottom of the 6th inning, Girardi got ejected for the 22nd time as a big league manager. The reason was pretty clear: Girardi came out to argue a called third strike on Kelly Johnson. You are not allowed to argue balls and strikes, but he came out and said a bunch of things anyway. So umpire Jerry Layne threw him out. It was pretty simple.

Nevertheless, after the game, Girardi said he had absolutely no idea why he got ejected.

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Later on, Girardi elaborated a bit more.

“Now, I’ll tell you,” he said, “there are days I deserve to get tossed. I will not lie to you. There are days I deserve to get fined. I will not lie to you on that. You’ve seen I get pretty animated and angry. I didn’t say nothing.”

“Jerry’s usually mild mannered,” Girardi continued. “I’m shocked. I’m still shocked. He just said, ‘Come on Joe. You know me.’ And I do, that’s why I’m still shocked.”

Really, Joe, are you that shocked? You didn’t say anything else that might have made Layne decide he didn’t want to put up with you anymore? I think I speak for everyone on the internet when I say I find that pretty hard to believe.

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