Kevin Durant Couldn’t Bear To Watch Russell Westbrook’s Final Free Throws Last Night (Pic)

Kevin Durant Free Throws

Kevin Durant, like many other Oklahoma City Thunder fans last night, was put through the ringer as his team fought tooth and nail to stay in the game against the Los Angeles Clippers and complete the incredible comeback, giving them a 3-2 series lead.

The Thunder were down by two in the dying seconds when Russell Westbrook was sent to the free throw line for three shots. With the game on the line, KD couldn’t stand to even watch, though I’m sure the crowd’s reaction gave him some clue as to the fate of each shot.

Even with the stakes so high, having the league’s MVP unable to watch the defining event of a game is pretty funny. Far funnier though, is the look on Durant’s face as he attempts to zone out. We’ve all been there before during shootouts, bases loaded in late innings situations, and long, long field goal attempts with the game on the line.

Kevin Durant can't watch

It looks like he’s trying to think about ice cream, puppies, or his childhood sled, Rosebud. Anything but what’s going on down on the other end of the court.

Good news, Kevin. You won. Also, you’re in some memes now.

Durant Ehlo Jordan

Joffrey GoT

KD hates that Joffrey kid so much.


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