Magic Johnson Responds to Donald Sterling, Shows How Not to Sound Insane in Anderson Cooper Interview (Videos)

magic johnson anderson cooper interview

By now you have probably heard about the batshit insane interview Donald Sterling did with Anderson Cooper, right? The one where he blames his racist remarks on V. Stiviano, calls Anderson a racist, and rips Magic Johnson a new one?

Well, last night it was Magic’s turn to sit down with Cooper, and this time the interview went exactly like we expected. Unlike Sterling, Johnson isn’t completely unhinged and he actually heeds the advice of PR people. So he said all the right things.

Of course, since it’s CNN we’re talking about, we can’t just show you the entire interview all at once. They’ve broken it down into little chunks for the short attention span generation. So we’ll just give you the highlights.

We’ll begin with Magic talking about his initial reaction to the Donald Sterling audio recordings:

Magic is revealing that Sterling actually asked him to join him for an interview with Barbara Walters—presumably to prove that they’re actually BFFs—which would have been hilarious:

Magic explaining how Sterling never did apologize for what he said:

Magic saying Donald Sterling is delusional. Which, you know, duh:

Magic’s sage advise for Sterling:

And here’s the best part—Magic saying what he really wants is to own the Lakers:

That would actually be really awesome, wouldn’t it? Magic Johnson owning the Lakers?

In any case, that’s how you do an interview and not come off like a crazy person.

However, if you think CNN was just sucking up to Magic, think again. On CNN Tonight, some guy who wrote some book (Zac BissonnetteGood Advice for Bad People) claimed that, actually, Sterling was kind of right about Magic not being that great for poor African-American people:

So there’s some food for thought. It’s almost like you can’t make everything a black and white issue. Hmm.



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