Michelle Jenneke To Release Soft-Core ‘Stretching’ App For Her Fans (Video)

Michelle Jenneke

In case you forgot how to stretch, and need a hot girl in a bikini on a beach to visually remind you how, you are in luck…

Michelle Jenneke to the rescue!

The Australian hurdling hottie realizes that hurdling event money doesn’t pay the bills, but you know what does? Hot girls in bikinis. That’s time-tested, my friends. You know what else is making a lot of money these days? Apps. Doesn’t matter what kind. Just make an app, and you’re rich.

Taking the best of both of these worlds, Jenneke’s stretching app, appropriately titled, Stretch! With Michelle Jenneke, costs $9.99 per month—even though most people with an Internet connection knows that the going rate for erotic materials online is really closer to $0.00 per month.

Whatever. The fact that she is doing this app was reason for her to make this video, and this video don’t cost no $9.99 per month and can serve the same purpose if you just keep replaying it and don’t put any undue pressure on yourself.

Take a look:

Now let’s get back to the issue everyone REALLY wants to talk about…




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