According to Players Union, LeBron Won’t Play Next Year If Sterling Still Owns Clippers (Video)

lebron boycott if sterling still owner of clippers

According to Roger Mason, junior vice president of the National Basketball Players Association, LeBron James has issued a stern warning to the league: if Donald Sterling is still the owner of the Clippers come next season, he won’t be playing.

Mason made this startling claim to Jim Rome, who then used the sound bite in a preview for tonight’s episode of Jim Rome on Showtime.

The NBA, of course, has banned Sterling for life and fined him $2.5 million for the crazy racist sh*t he said to V. Stiviano. However, the other owners have yet to vote on whether or not to force Sterling to sell the Clippers, which means, right now, he is still the owner. And apparently LeBron wanted to make it clear that he expects them to vote for expulsion.

If that’s true and LeBron stands behind it, that’s one hell of a strong position to take, and it puts a lot of pressure on the other 29 owners.

That being said, at some point LeBron (or Mason) will have to make some clarifications about the threat. After all, even if all 29 owners vote that Stern must sell the team, the old coot could take them to court and get things tied up for God knows how long. So you have to think LeBron would settle for the owners just voting the right way. Right?

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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