NCAA Allows Boise State To Grant Financial Assistance To A Homeless Committed Recruit

Antoine Turner Boise State

Those sweethearts at the NCAA have really outdone themselves this time.

In a charitable move straight out of a Charles Dickens novel, they’ve granted Boise State the ability to fund—out of its own pocket—assistance to Antoine Turner, a homeless recruit who has lived that way for most of his life.

Of course, this whole issue is probably a nightmare for the NCAA, but that’s what happens when you’re a fairly worthless administrative body that doesn’t create any real value to anyone but itself. When that’s your business model, you’re likely to find yourself in many sticky situations where the choices a) make them look like monsters, or b) open the floodgates to allow schools to fund their own players (*GASP*) at their own discretion.

I suppose it’s a little unreasonable to come down on the NCAA for doing the decent thing here, but when they do the decent thing for one athlete, and leave tens of thousands in the lurch simply because they’re not homeless—even if they’re providing to their schools the same service that Antoine Turner is—it’s just one more opportunity to call them out on their practices.

*steps off soapbox, starts walking towards Jamba Juice*

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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