NFL Considering Mellowing Out On Its Marijuana Discipline, Wants To Test For HGH


Though nothing has been enacted yet, taking cues from its nation’s relaxed views on recreational marijuana use, the NFL is apparently prepared to soften its stance slightly on marijuana use by players and the penalties associated therewith.

Of course, this will be of cold comfort to Josh Gordon, who, under the current regime, has a lengthy suspension due to kicking back and getting stoned when he should have been kicking back and NOT getting stoned.

The discussed changes would not only raise the threshold to be considered a “positive test,” but would also decrease the punishment for a positive test. The players union, unsurprisingly, is all for this.

What they’re not all for is the proposed testing for HGH, which seems to be the elephant in the room after baseball has had so many trials and scandals with the drug. The players union, also unsurprisingly, doesn’t want to be tested for anything, ever, so it has lobbed arguments against the methods of testing and the commissioner’s authority to dole out punishment over the tests.

It doesn’t appear that the two issues are tied together at the moment, and it’s likely that NFL players in the near future will be free to get totally baked (not really) while running around injecting HGH into each other’s eyeballs during press conferences.

What a league.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]


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