Watch Bruce Lee Fight in the New EA Sports UFC Video Game (Video)

Bruce Lee UFC Video Game

Did you know you could make a video game awesome just by putting Bruce Lee in it? Apparently, you can, and while the upcoming EA Sports UFC video game might be terrific on its own, their inclusion of a Bruce Lee character opens it up to a whole new segment of fans.

They also used some pretty sweet footage in the trailer below.

I used to think that the only surefire way to get people on their feet and excited about something was to use the theme from Rocky, but now I know that you can get the same effect by showing old footage of Bruce Lee doing one-armed push-ups.

Take a look at the video:

It contains your recommended daily allowance of martial arts awesomeness, and some pretty interesting commentary on how you take the legend of Bruce Lee and harness that in a video game character.

(Hint: give him REALLY fast fists.)


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