In Case You Had Any Doubts About Andrew Wiggins’ Draft Value, Take A Look At This Photo

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 6.17.14 PM

The populace seems to be divided between Kansas’ Andrew Wiggins and Duke’s Jabari Parker when it comes to their No. 1 pick for the upcoming NBA draft.

In case you find yourself on the fence, take a gander at this here pic for a literal snapshot of Wiggins’ athleticism:

Any time you use an entire person for a sense of scale when trying to figure out a player’s vertical leap, you know that player is getting up pretty high.

This was taken in a private workout facility, as Wiggins, like many other top prospects, has chosen to bail on the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago—that event can’t rank him any higher than he already is, and thus only offers downside.

And no, I don’t know how high that is, but I’m guessing his vertical is around 40 inches, which would put the top of his hand at around 18 feet in the air.  I’m pretty bad with numbers.


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