Here’s a Terrifying Look at a Cameraman Getting Hit by Rogue Tire at Rally Car Race (Video)

rally car tire nearly hits cameraman

Of all the things that can kill you at an auto racing event, I think rogue tires are the scariest. Sure, you could get hit by a car at an offroad race, or debris from a wreck can fly into the stands at a NASCAR event, and that would really suck. But there’s something about rogue tires—it’s like they’re heat-seeking missiles coming just for you. And, chances are, you don’t notice until it’s too late.

Our latest example of a rogue tire mishap—because yes, we’ve seen numerous cases over the years—comes from the Norwegian Rally Championship earlier this month. Cameraman Steffen Tronstad was so focused on filming one of the cars as it sped past him that he failed to notice the front left tire come off and head directly for him…until it was too late.

Amazingly, though he got hit by the tire, he lived to tell about it—and post the video on YouTube. In fact, after the camera stops spinning and everything comes to a rest, you actually hear him laughing.

Take a look:

Nice footage, Steffen. Glad you’re not dead.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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