The Internet Turned Kevin Durant’s “Can’t Watch” Photo into an Awesome Meme (Gallery)

Kevin Durant Free Throws

Yesterday we showed you one of the defining images of the 2014 NBA Playoffs thus far, which featured a nervous yet cool-looking Kevin Durant unable to watch as Russell Westbrook attempted three crucial free throws at the end of Game 5 between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Well, like all defining images in sports these days, this one of Durant has been transformed by the internet into a rather hilarious meme, as creative web nerds have placed the seated Thunder forward within a number of historic events throughout history, like the moon landing and Ali vs. Liston II.

You can check out those images and others in the gallery below featuring the best “Kevin Durant Can’t Watch” memes:

Hat Tips to @Ish_46, @Dubsco, @AlexMiglio, @JDelToro32, @ChuckShots, @saras_tweets, @World_Wide_Wob, @ScottBurris, and @ nick_pants.

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