Openly Gay NFL Player Michael Sam Is Getting a Reality Show On Oprah’s Network

Michael Sam

As we all know, the best way to demonstrate to your football teammates that you’re just another player, and don’t want to be treated any better or worse, is to be followed around by your own reality show crew.  At least that’s what someone was able to convince Michael Sam, the NFL rookie who happens to have made headlines by coming out as gay a few months before being drafted by the St. Louis Rams.

And in case you thought it wouldn’t be handled with grace and tact, rest assured that the same producing team that was behind  Lindsay Lohan‘s recent reality fiasco will be heading up Sam’s show as well.

This probably won’t be looked back on as a brilliant career move should Michael Sam succeed. But, as a seventh-round pick, his career as a football player is far from certain, so maybe he’s just trying to cash in while he can. Not the most noble pursuit, but pretty practical.

However gracefully his teammates accept him as a St. Louis Ram, it would probably be pretty hard not to be peeved by the presence of a reality show crew on a daily basis. Hard Knocks is one thing. Oprah is another. Who knows how much access they’ll have, but this has to raise some eyebrows among the management and teammates.



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