Drunk Twins Fan Flips Off Other Fan for Keeping Home Run Ball (Video)

Drunk Twins Fan

There’s an unwritten rule among some baseball fans that if an opposing team’s player hits a home run and you catch it, you’re supposed to throw it back. This is especially true for players who left your team and are now playing against you, such as David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox, who spent his first six seasons in the Majors with the Twins.

Yesterday, this unwritten rule was kept alive by the drunk Minnesota Twins fan in the video below, and she enforced it with her middle finger, the most powerful weapon in her arsenal.

It happened in the midst of a hot streak for Ortiz, who has hit four homers in two games at Target Field in Minnesota. That probably added to the woman’s anger and irritability, but she didn’t have to give the girl the finger just for catching and keeping a souvenir baseball.

Whoever wrote up the video of the incident on YouTube wasn’t pleased with the action, either, saying that the woman’s behavior was “truly deplorable.”

If you’re in the mood to see some truly deplorable behavior for yourself, check out the drunk Twins fan in the bottom center of the video below:




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