Jack Nicholson Snuffs Kid at Clippers Game (GIF w/ LeBron James Reaction)

Jack Nicholson stiff kid

With his beloved Lakers out of the NBA Playoffs, Jack Nicholson had to resort to going to a Clippers game. The slight change of scenery must have affected his gregarious nature, since he snubbed a kid trying to shake his hand—a kid who looks so young that he might have wondered where he even recognized Nicholson from anyway.

The kid’s reaction to being left hanging by perhaps the greatest film actor of his generation was pretty funny: He grins, almost as if he knows that being snubbed by Nicholson is even cooler than shaking the man’s hand. But video editor CJ Fogler added another reaction to an animated GIF of the incident, which makes the whole thing funner.

That special addition would be LeBron James, who you can see reacting to Jack Nicholson leaving a young Clippers fan hanging in the GIF below. And for more GIFs and other fun stuff from CJ Fogler, check out his Twitpic account.

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