Mike Tyson and Tom Brady Appear in Preakness Selfie

Mike Tyson Preakness Selfie

I’m actually not sure if a picture taken in a photo booth counts as a selfie, but for the sake of convenience, let’s pretend that it does for the next three paragraphs. That’s so I can refer to the above photo as a selfie, taken at the Preakness Stakes over the weekend and featuring Mike Tyson and Tom Brady, among others.

One of those “others” has been identified as Texas Tech head football coach Kliff Kingsbury, but the others would appear to be some guys who were in the right place at the right time. The photo was tweeted by Tyson himself on the day of the race:

As you can see, Tyson was at the Preakness in Baltimore under the auspices of Under Armour, who certainly got their money’s worth with Tyson taking a photo like this and sharing it online.

Although, they might be a little annoyed about the fact that he posted it sideways.




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