Young Fan at Rangers-Jays Game Uses Smooth Ball-Switch Move to Impress Hot Older Female (Video)

Young Rangers fan picks up chick

If you don’t like reading about little kids who are cooler than you will ever be, get out of here right now.

During Saturday night’s game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers in Arlington, there was a kid sitting near third base who got a foul ball tossed to him by Jays third base coach Luis Rivera. Then, he appeared to hand the ball over to an older girl sitting behind him. Smooth move, right?

Well, actually, it was even smoother than it looked. As the commentators watching the game point out, he actually handed the girl another ball he had in his other hand, keeping the game ball tucked away in his glove.

This kid is basically the David Copperfield of impressing girls at baseball games. And I guarantee you that when the girl finds out what happened, she’ll be even more impressed (because chicks dig magicians).

You can see the whole thing go down in the video below, which helpfully includes a slow-motion replay showing the kid’s fast maneuvering in detail. And the next time you’re at a game, you can enjoy the sight of every doofus in the crowd trying to pull this off and failing.




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