Diamondbacks Fan Catches Paul Goldschmidt Homer With Baby in Hand (Video)

Diamondbacks Fan Catches Ball, Holds Baby

Quick math lesson: Doing something cool with a baby in your arm exponentially increases the coolness level of said activity. An example of this principle in action came during Saturday’s MLB game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks in Arizona.

It happened after the Diamondbacks’ Paul Goldschmidt hit his second homer of the game, driving the ball right into the direction of an Arizona fan/cool dad, who caught the ball with one hand while holding his baby with the other. It was a momentous hit for other reasons, too, as it broke the Diamondbacks’ team record for runs scored in a single game (they ended up scoring 18 runs, handily beating the Dodgers).

To see it happen, just check out the video below, and adjust your early “Dad of the Year” nomination ballots accordingly. You should also watch for a cameo from John McCain, who will probably be a little annoyed that he got upstaged by some guy with a baby.

Check it out:





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