Eric LeGrand Gets Standing Ovation at Rutgers Graduation (Video)

Eric LeGrand at Rutgers Graduation (Photo by Jason Towlen, AP)

The story of Eric LeGrand is probably a familiar one to you by now. He’s continued to work harder than many might have thought possible after the 2010 football injury that left him paralyzed.

Over the weekend, another piece of that story reached its conclusion with his triumphant graduation from Rutgers University, during which he delivered a commencement address, and deservedly received a standing ovation from the crowd.

The warm response to LeGrand came following a brief controversy involving LeGrand’s additional status as commencement speaker for the ceremony. Rutgers initially revoked LeGrand’s invitation to speak at the ceremony, but ultimately invited him again after an understandably massive uproar, citing the whole thing as a “miscommunication.” And it’s a good thing too that Rutgers decided to do the right thing, as this quote from an LeGrand interview about the event shows:

“It definitely is up there at the top. Of course, the top day will be when I walk again. But that’s up there. It’s got to be top three because being able to finish school is huge.”

You can see Eric LeGrand’s standing ovation at his own Rutgers University graduation in the video below.

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