Johnny Football Now “Johnny Cleveland” According to New Song (Audio)

Johnny Cleveland (Wreck This League)

Not every recent NFL draftee had a song written about him, but leave it to Johnny Manziel to inspire a music group before he’s even thrown a pass in professional football.

That music group would be the Aubrey Taylor Experiment, a local Cleveland outfit that seems to include the talents of Robert Erney, the guy behind the song “Johnny Cleveland (Wreck This League).”  The song is all about Manziel’s addition to the Cleveland Browns organization, and includes a suggestion that his nickname should be changed from Johnny Football to Johnny Cleveland.

If you want to listen to “Johnny Cleveland (Wreck This League)” by the Aubrey Taylor Experiment, you can do so in the YouTube video below. As for whether Manziel will follow the song’s directive and change his famous nickname, that probably depends on whether or not the song catches on and becomes a hit. I guess anything’s possible.

Here it is:

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