Miguel Cabrera Takes Time to Shake Kid’s Hand During Game (GIF)

Miguel Cabrera Shakes Kid's Hand

Not all athletes were created equal in the field of fan relations. But it’s nice to know that a star like Miguel Cabrera is one of the good ones, as you can see from him recently taking the time to shake a kid’s hand at Fenway Park During Sunday night’s game against the Red Sox (maybe he was just happy to see a friendly face).

The young fan picked the perfect spot to get Cabrera’s attention while he was in the on-deck circle. And probably the best part of the whole thing is how genuinely happy the kid was to get the love from Cabrera—almost as if he couldn’t believe it was really happening until it was all over.

You can see it all go down below, in an animated GIF courtesy of Pete Blackburn.  And you know that the kid went home happy as well, since his Tigers ended up beating the Red Sox, 6-2.



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