Rihanna Broke a Guy’s Phone at Nets Game, Signs It, It Sells for $66,500

Rihanna Breaks Guy's Phone at Clippers Game

You never know what’s going to happen when you sit near Rihanna at a basketball game.

Take Steve Soboroff, president of the LA Police Commission, who was lucky enough to get a courtside seat next to the singer at Game 3 of the Thunder/Clippers NBA Playoff series. He asked for a photo with Rihanna, she obliged, but she dropped his iPhone and broke it. That might sound like an annoyance, but Soboroff ended up raising more than $90,000 for the Los Angeles Police Department in the bargain.

That sum comes from the $25,000 Rihanna donated to LAPD immediately after breaking Sobroff’s phone, and the $66,500 the phone got on eBay after Rihanna signed it. All in all, I’m sure Steve Sobroff is happy about how the whole thing went down.

The Rihanna/broken phone story was so hot that the eBay Twitter account even made a post about it:

So now you have a little more motivation to ask Rihanna for a selfie should you ever run into her—you might make almost $100,000 out of it.



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