‘100% Pure Adam Sterling Silver’ Shirts Push the Bounds of Bad Puns and Good Taste

Adam Sterling Silver

Sure, Adam Silver made quite a resounding name for himself with his ruling against everyone’s favorite bigot, Donald Sterling, but is this really the way to recognize him? Or the way to dress? Ever?

Apparently, yes.

The “100% Pure Adam Sterling Silver” shirts, despite the fact that they’re completely awful, have been selling briskly. This means that people hate Donald Sterling more than they hate dressing like schizophrenics.

The aesthetics of the shirt aside, all profits go to the Magic Johnson Foundation, so there’s nothing wrong with buying one. In fact, it’s a chartable act. I would also consider it a charitable act if you then took the shirt and threw it in an incinerator so that public eyes are never laid upon it.

What happened to the era when people would show their support by sending someone an elegantly-arranged muffin basket, instead of something that looks like it was crafted from Rick Ross’ dream journal? Simpler times…

If you feel like watching the world burn, check out the shirt right here.

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