15 Best NBA Players to Never Win a Championship

best nba players never to win a championship

This season, Kevin Durant played the best basketball of his life, won his very first NBA MVP award, and gave an incredibly touching speech upon accepting it. He’s a superstar and a class act, and unless he blows out both knees and both shoulders, he’s pretty much a lock for the Basketball Hall of Fame. 

That being said, KD has still not won an NBA championship. Sure, he’s just 25 years old. Guys like LeBron James and Michael Jordan didn’t win their first championships until they were 27, and Wilt Chamberlain didn’t win a championship until he was 30. So obviously, there is plenty of time for Durant.

Then again, that’s probably what everyone on this list thought at the age of 25, too. “Bah, I’m only 25. I’m just now hitting my prime. I’ll definitely win a championship at some point.” And then they didn’t.  

Am I saying that I think Kevin Durant is going to one day find himself on this list of greatest players to never win an NBA Championship? No. But if he doesn’t do it this year, I certainly wouldn’t blame anyone who started to worry. 


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