Let’s All Laugh at Cleveland Indians Bro Taking a Ball to the Face (Video)

cleveland indians fan takes ball to face

Cleveland sports fans have been on cloud nine since the Browns drafted Johnny Manziel a few weeks ago. After all, you can debate whether or not Mr. Football will become a star in the NFL, but you can’t deny he is one of the most exciting players to get drafted in years. And until he flops, the Browns are actually interesting again.

Of course, none of this changes the fact that the sports gods absolutely despise the city of Cleveland and all its inhabitants. And last night, at the Cleveland Indians game, they issued a stern reminder to them all not to get too excited.

Check it out:

Indians shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera throws ball towards fans. Indians bro feels optimistic. The ball comes right for him. No one can stop him. He’s going to get a sweet souvenir. It’s his destiny…

Then the ball goes right through his hands and plunks him in the face.

It’s the perfect illustration of what it’s really like to be a sports fan in Cleveland. Just when you think your time has come, the ball (or LeBron James) hits you in the face and bounces to somebody else.


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