Angels Fan Tries to Catch Ball, Crushes Poor Old Lady (Video)

Angels fan crush old lady

You know baseball season is starting to get serious when the stories about fans recklessly endangering other fans in pursuit of stray balls and other sorts of souvenirs begin to occur more and more often. The latest is a fun tidbit featuring a fan of the Los Angeles Angels, who were up against the Houston Astros last night in LA.

A ball headed in the guy’s direction, and in his eagerness to grab it out of the air, he actually falls over backwards onto someone else watching the game. Normally this would be a “no harm no foul” (so to speak) type situation, but in this case the person he landed on is a poor old lady.

Watch out for old ladies.  That’s like rule number 3 of baseball!

After the collision, the guy seems oblivious to what happened, while the old lady looks like she’s about to either keel over or file a lawsuit. And good news everyone: it looks like he got the ball.

Here’s the video:




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