“Preakness Bro” Gets Big Break on YouTube (Video)

Preakness Bro

The Preakness infield party is a known center of debauchery and bad behavior all over the world, but some people are unaware that it also has a high concentration of bro-related activity. This concept is represented by a man known only as “Preakness Bro,” who was captured on video during the Preakness Stakes festivities heaping a peculiar kind of verbal abuse on a couple of onlookers.

That abuse includes claims that Preakness Bro himself is “writing a book, bitch,” and that he “also do(es) UFC.”  It’s rare to see a bro that spends an equal amount of time on his brain and his brawn, so you have to give it up for this guy.  Truly a renaissance bro if ever there was one.

To see one minute and 48 seconds of the ultimate Preakness Bro’s rage against the machine, check out the video below courtesy of (who else?) BroBible.

Here’s the video:




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