Ray Allen vs. Reggie Miller vs. Stephen Curry: Who Is the Best Shooter of All-Time? (Video)

ray allen reggie miller stephen curry

When people about the best “pure” shooters in NBA history, they’re usually talking about guys with a certain combination of form and function—guys who hit the big clutch shots and look good doing it.

Of course, looking good has nothing to do with winning basketball games. But to fans, aesthetics matter.

In any case, such talk about “pure” shooters usually ends up coming back to three guys: Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, and Stephen Curry. And today, we stumbled across a pretty great video put together by YouTuber Adam Mayo that features pretty much every great shooting moment from their respective careers. So if you’re into this “who is the best shooter ever?” debate, you might want to take a look.

Okay, now that you’ve seen it, it’s time to weigh in.

Mayo says Curry is the best. I say it’s Miller, probably because that’s who I grew up watching. So how about you—who ya got?

Hat Tip – [Slam Online]

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