Rugby Player Congratulates Opponent On Punch That Knocked Him Out (Video)

Tom Youngs

We get it, rugby players. You’re big tough guys that don’t hold a grudge. Yeesh.

English rugby star Tom Youngs is the latest guy to help elevate rugby players to “mythical warrior” status as he congratulated opposing player Salesi Ma’afu on a good shot when the Australian player clocked him in the face with a punch, as is plainly visible in the above pic.

Of course, these guys have Twitter accounts because, duh, 2014, and it really didn’t take much to put the incident behind them. Like, nothing. I’ve gotten colder responses from people after I hold doors open for them.

Here’s Youngs’ reaction:

And Ma’afu’s response is equally blasé about the whole thing:

Youngs: “Boys will be boys?”

Ma’afu: “Boys will be boys.”

Youngs: “Perfect.”

At some point you have to teach kids that punching people in the face isn’t okay, it isn’t cool, and if you do it, you can expect a world of repercussions….

…Unless you’re a rugby player, in which case the penalty for assaulting a human being is one beer.

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