The Sexy Women of San Antonio Had Plenty to Say to Charles Barkley Last Night (Video)

san antonio women respond to charles barkley

Charles Barkley took a lot of heat for calling the women of San Antonio fat a few weeks ago, and rightly so. Yes, he was just joking, and yes, it wasn’t the first time he’d made that particular joke. But what the hell is so funny about calling an entire city of women fat on national television? How is that not supposed to make women who struggle with their weight feel shitty? Do you think they don’t realize that they don’t conform to conventional standards of beauty? Do you think they are happy about that? Do you think that everything you find funny ought to be shared on TV? Do you think I will just keep going on asking rhetorical questions forever? Really?

Okay, no more questions. You get the idea: Charles Barkley really stepped in it, as Charles Barkley is know to do. And last night, before, during, and after Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals against the Thunder, female Spurs fans (and the folks in the TNT production room) let him hear about it.

Take a look:

Well said. Though, personally, I would also like to have seen an overweight woman wearing a t-shirt that said “GO F*CK YOURSELF CHARLES BARKLEY.”



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