Memo to Barkley: 12 Ridiculously Hot San Antonio Spurs Fans

hot san antonio spurs fans

If you’ve been following the 2014 NBA Playoffs at all, then you probably heard that, upon hearing the Spurs had once again reached the Western Conference Finals, Charles Barkley called the women of San Antonio fat on national television.

Obviously, this made people mad because, in addition to being a mean thing to say, it was also factually incorrect. Sure, if we’re being totally honest, there are probably a lot of women in San Antonio who wouldn’t meet Chuck’s strict beauty standards. (Remember, he was once arrested for a DUI, and he told the cops that he was on his way to get oral sex from a hooker. So his standards are pretty high.) But there are a lot of really gorgeous women from San Antonio, too. And the Round Mound of Rebound just threw them out with the bathwater.

Want to see some of the best that San Antonio has to offer? Well then take a look at this list. It’s got 12 of the many gorgeous women San Antonio…with whom Charles Barkley will never get to have sex.


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