Police Turning To Aaron Hernandez’s Tattoos For Information About 2012 Murders

Aaron Hernandez

On May 28th, former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is set to be arraigned for the murder of two men in February of 2012, and the authorities are looking to shore up their case by gaining some insight into tattoos that Hernandez got in 2012 and 2013.

Before we go on, please don’t confuse this with the original case, which was the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd in an industrial area. It’s hard to keep Hernandez’s murders straight, but we’re all doing our best here.

Carrying on…

It’s commonly known in criminal culture that tattoos can serve as a demonstration of specific acts, from serving jail time to rape to even murder. Hernandez hasn’t exactly proven himself to be a master criminal so far, so it’s entirely possible that he could have openly discussed the murders to the artists inking him with a tear, broken heart, unicorn or whatever the hell else criminals use to denote murders.

Apparently, he got a lot of tattoos during that time, as the cops are speaking to artists in Hermosa Beach, California; Bristol, Connecticut; Palm Beach, Florida; and Miami, Florida.

Bristol? Did Stuart Scott ink him up?

Hat Tip – [ESPN]



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