Cleveland Cavaliers Win First Pick Again, Bill Simmons Doesn’t Approve GIF)

Bill Simmons Reacting to Cavs Draft Lottery Win

Followers of the NBA Draft have noticed a weird trend over the last four years. For some inexplicable fluke of chance, the Cleveland Cavaliers have won the first pick in the draft lottery each of the last two years, and three out of the last four years—this after winning the top spot in the 2014 NBA Draft on Tuesday.

It’s an incredible streak of luck for the team, and Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving registered his excitement about the whole thing on Twitter:

Not everyone was that excited for the Cleveland Cavaliers’ incredible luck in the NBA Draft lottery, though. Bill Simmons was doing his usual analyst duties on EPSN’s NBA Countdown, and his reaction to the Cavs’ being drawn first overall is an instant classic:

I expect the above GIF to become a go-to for expressing disapproval for literally any event, from other sports-related incidents to political gaffes or bad meals.

It’s perfect for pretty much any situation that calls for incredulous borderline disgust.

Here’s a look at Bill Simmons’ entire rant regarding the Cavs franchise earning their third No. 1 pick in four years:




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